Hand Made Photographs

  • hm01 CaterplrInfest667
    These hand made photographic images are made using historical techniques known as "alternative processes". There are many such processes. This large work a cyanotype. It is addressing the impact of urban sprawl on endangered species.
  • hm02 CaterplrinfestCU667
  • hm03 CaterplrinfestECU667
  • hm04 ShroudOfTucson
  • hm05 ShroudOfTucsonCU
  • hm06 Uprooted667
  • hm07 UprootedCU
  • hm08 Eyewitness
  • hm09 Eyewitness-detail
  • hm12 Sweat-Lodge
    A gallery installation view of a "sweat lodge" made from canvas torn into the shape of pelts and printed with various alternative processes. Sandstone slabs also are printed. The imagery revolved around the theme of healing.
  • hm13 Monarch-of-the-Desert
  • hm14 Myth-Lndscp 1
  • hm15 Desert-Conserv-Tucson
  • hm16 Portables
  • hm17 Paris-Reflection
  • hm18 Roman-Ruins
  • hm19 Eyewitness
  • hm20 Eyewitness
  • hm21 Eyewitness